Court awards $30M against Memphis Nursing Home

Cameron Jehl

Cameron Jehl

A jury in Memphis, TN, has awarded $30 million against a local nursing home where poor care led to a resident’s death, according to The Commercial Appeal.

The Circuit Court jury, Judge Donna Fields presiding, reached the verdict, which includes $28 million in punitive damages against Allenbrooke Nursing and Rehabilitation Center LLC, as well as its two owners in New York and related companies.

The case was filed in 2010, by the family of Martha Jane Pierce, a woman in her early 80s who was a resident of the Allenbrooke nursing home in 2008 and 2009, says Cameron Jehl, a Memphis lawyer who represented the family with fellow Jehl Law Group attorney Carey L. Acerra.

Pierce was living in a shared room with her husband when she developed pressure sores on her right foot that went to the bone, her attorneys contended. The sores became infected with fecal bugs and required her leg to be amputated in October of 2009. She died two months later.

The jury returned its verdict August 18 finding Allenbrooke liable for negligence, violations of the Tennessee Adult Protection Act including fraudulent records of her care and medical malpractice, the family’s attorneys said.


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