Dallas Doc Hit With $19.7M Verdict After Patient Death

Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton

A Dallas jury awarded $19.7 million on August 31 to the family of a woman who died from brain damage while being treated at the same hospital where she worked as a surgical technician, according to Law360.

The jury found Dr. Jennifer M. Burris and her employer, Acute Surgical Care Specialists PLLC, liable to the late Katina Clark and her family. She was being treated at Medical Center Arlington when a breathing tube inserted into her neck dislodged, cutting off her oxygen. Clark spent about a year and a half in a vegetative state before dying.

Clark was awarded a little more than $1 million in medical expenses and $5 million for pain and mental anguish she experienced before her death. Her family was awarded more than $13 million.

Chris Hamilton of Standly Hamilton LLP, who represents the Clarks, said the verdict “reflects a moral evaluation by the community” that the doctor’s actions were dangerous and should have been prevented.


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