1 Injured in Pedestrian Versus Car Accident in Allegheny County

Pedestrian Injured in Bethel Park Crash near King School Road

Bethel Park Crash

1 Injured in Pedestrian Versus Car Accident in Allegheny County

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania (July 29, 2017) – A pedestrian was hit and injured by a car late Thursday evening in Allegheny County, according to police.

The accident occurred at around 9 p.m. on Library Road in Bethel Park near King School Road.

The pedestrian was walking on Library Road when he or she was hit by a possible four-door Chevrolet believed to have been involved in the accident.

Police and fire crews arrived at the crash site to attend to the victims.

Part of Library Road was blocked while detectives investigated the incident.

A shoe was located on the road next to the car, and no information regarding the driver was available at the time.

According to earlier reports, the pedestrian had died, but according to police the victim of the accident is alive.

Limited details regarding how the incident occurred and the extent of injuries are available at this time.

An investigation into the crash is being headed by Allegheny County Police.

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